Job report | American airbase in Germany crumbles under the power of the Rotar demolition shear

Many Rotar demolition shears of the RDC-series are used on the former American military airbase in Lahr, Germany. Demolition company Rino Bau- & Transport GmbH & Co. KG from Renchen is in charge of dismantling the military buildings.

Pulling down 4000 tonnes of concrete

The former military structures are demolished to make room for new construction. During the five weeks of demolition activities, the two Rotar RDC demolition shears are mounted on Liebherr R 934 and R 954 excavators to do the heaviest work. The largest of the ROTAR demolition shears, the RDC 42 S, works non-stop to pulverise concrete walls of 30 to 60 cm thick. The total volume of concrete that has to be torn down amounts to approx. 4000 tonnes. The surfaces have been treated with a milling machine in advance to enable adequate removal of the demolition waste.

Work is advancing excellently

The Rotar shear’s large jaws and the standard speed valve allow for very quick working cycles. The excavator operators greatly appreciate the ease of use, the enormous breaking power and the simple controls of the Rotar machines. Since the operators can replace the teeth, that spin 180°, themselves, on-site maintenance is easy and fast.

Satisfied client

Jochen Baur, Managing Director of Rino: "The Rotar demolition shears have the best price-to-quality ratio available and the maintenance costs are low. My employees appreciate the reliability that these machines offer and like using them. Whenever I have questions, Georg Ribitzki (Sales Manager) is there to answer them as the expert.

The Rino demolition company has six demolition shears in all four available sizes, allowing the company to perform demolition work with shears from 1950 kg to 4100 kg mounted on 15-70 t excavators.

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