Introducing The NeXt Chapter - Rotar Launch the X-series of RSS Mobile Scrap Shears


X, representing X-treme, introduces several new models to the RSS range, responding to demand from both the Demolition and Scrap Processing Industries.

The X-series is designed to withstand high operating pressures of up to 380 bar (5500 PSI). The shear design has evolved to give more body strength, coupled with a new pivot group design that improves jaw alignment. This improvement enables the shear to handle higher cutting forces. Additionally, the nose blades incorporate a unique design, to keep them firmly in position during operation. These innovate design features mean that the Rotar X-series of shears perform above and beyond any others available on the market today.

RSS 10 X is a brand-new addition to the RSS series. It is suitable for boom mounted excavators of 9-13 tons and stick mounted excavators of 12-19 tons.

RSS 20 X is a redesigned version of the successful RSS 20, featuring a brand-new nose design and incorporating all the innovative features of the new X-series. It is suitable for boom mounted excavators of 13-23 tons and stick mounted ones of 20-32 tons.

The whole X-series journey began with the RSS 100 X model. In addition to all the above features, we have incorporated a larger cylinder, transforming the shear into a formidable force. The rotation drive is reinforced and equipped with double gearboxes and motors for enhanced positioning. Combined with a favorable center of gravity this configuration prevents the shear from drifting during rotation. With a tool weight of 10 tons, we are confident we have introduced the strongest shear to the market. It is suitable for boom mounting on a 50-ton excavator, and stick mounting on one of 75 tons or higher.

In response to widespread market demand, we have expanded our shear range with the introduction of the RSS 150 X.

With an operational weight of nearly 20 tons and featuring formidable cutting forces of 425 tons at the shear's tip and over 2100 tons in the throat, this specialized equipment is engineered for the decommissioning of power plants, steel mills, ocean vessels, and oil rigs.

The RSS X-Series range adds to the existing RSS models on the market giving customers the choice of 8 models to suit the size of their machine.

Rotar, has been at the forefront of the demolition, recycling and scrap metal industries since the 1970s and is continually introducing innovations onto the market in response to customer demands.

In 2023 Rotar won the prestigious “World Demolition Award” at the World Demolition Summit in Toronto. The RCC45 Concrete Cutter with Ramplifier technology (700 bar) and Fully Integrated Oilquick OQ90 adapter, won the “Innovation – Tools and Attachments Category” against strong competition.

Louis Broekhuizen, Commercial Director said:

“I’m extremely proud of the entire Rotar team who work hard to bring innovative pieces of equipment to the marketplace. I strongly believe that there is always room for improvement and at Rotar, we continually monitor new technologies and react to customer demands, in order to create marketing leading equipment for the Demolition industry.”

Rotar attachments – always leading the way!
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