Rotar celebrates its 40th anniversary at Bauma 2022! Will you be joining us?

Rotar celebrates its 40th anniversary at Bauma 2022! Will you be joining us?

Rotar International B.V.

40 jaar Rotar!

Rotar is turning 40! We would like to celebrate this with you at the Bauma trade fair, which takes place from the 24th to the 30th of October in Munich.

Rotar is turning 40! We would like to celebrate this with you at the Bauma trade fair, which takes place from the 24th to the 30th of October in Munich. Our team will comprehensively present our innovative attachments and fully integrated quick-couplers adapters. Several Rotar dealers will also be present to tell you all about their experiences with our high-quality equipment for excavators and wheel loaders. So get the Red Crush at Bauma and discover the power of Rotar!

A screening drum for wheel loaders to clean paving stones. In the late 1970s, road contractor Hendrik Pleijzier invented and constructed this tool. It enabled him to do his work much more efficiently and easily. Not much later, his invention marked the inception of Rotar, which grew into a global company with ten innovative product lines in 40 years.

Screen meshes

To this day, the screening drum is a versatile part of Rotar's product range. However, it did undergo considerable development. 'We found out at the time that repaving really only happens in the Netherlands,' explains managing director Louis Broekhuizen. 'Soil subsidence is only happening here. So the market for our screening drum turned out to be limited. We, therefore, explored new applications. We devised quick-to-assemble and quick-to-disassemble screen meshes to sieve different fractions of sand and debris. In doing so, we introduced one of the first screening technologies for the infrastructure and construction industry in the early 1980s.'

Rotar International B.V.

Global breakthrough

It also marked Rotar's breakthrough into the global market. The Genemuiden-based company continued to broaden its horizons in the years that followed. 'In 1997, for instance, we opened a factory in Poland, where we undertook in-house production,' Boekhuizen looks back. 'However, we could only start work there – needless to say – with good designs and products. Product development occurred across the board, with attachments for all kinds of work activities. The focus shifted to four different product groups.'

The most comprehensive product group is the attachments for demolition, such as our demolition/sorting grab, combi shears, concrete crusher and scrap shears—state-of-the-art equipment for demolition of buildings, ships, infrastructure and the like. In addition, Rotar offers attachments for recycling, such as our demolition/sorting grab and orange peel grab. A third component is attachments for scrap and scrap metal processing, such as our scrap shears and rail cutter. And finally, attachments for screening and sorting work for road construction, such as the segregator bucket and screening drum.

High-end innovations

Innovation, far-reaching service and high-quality production are paramount for all this equipment. 'We deliberately target the top end of the market,' says the managing director. 'We are a premium brand with material knowledge, and we constantly implement new techniques. We offer performance-enhancing attachments, which ensure fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions, through reduced drag, among other things. This allows crane operators to get the most out of their machine.'


As a result, this also immediately delivers a high level of sustainability. 'By opting for high-quality materials, attachments last substantially longer,' says Broekhuizen. 'The demand for replacement in our market is constantly repeating itself. We are consistently looking at how we can offer our attachments for the next round with even higher performance. Yet performance is one thing; a customer finds nothing more annoying than broken tools and standing still in the field.'

"We, always strive for durable, low-maintenance and high-availability tools."

After all, that means that the crane, staff and schedule are at a standstill too. Broekhuizen: 'It creates a chain reaction. We, therefore, always strive for durable, low-maintenance and high-availability tools. And a high service level. Our cost of ownership over a lifetime - the total cost of a tool - is, therefore, extremely competitive. Despite Rotar not being the cheapest at purchase.'

Presentation during Bauma

During Bauma, Rotar will present some of its new innovations. This includes an expansion in the RCC series (concrete cutters) of models 20 and 45 and the addition of a new demolition grab (RG-55) in the RG series. This attachment weighs 3,200 kilos and is suitable for 45 to 55-ton cranes. At Bauma, we will also be able to reveal more about the new RSS-100X, the strongest scrap shears in the market, up to 10 tonnes.

Broekhuizen: 'We will also show our unique integrated quick-coupler adapters, installed on four attachments. This connects our tool seamlessly and automatically to the machine and the hydraulics. A changeover thus only takes 15 seconds. On top of that, they reduce our attachments by 15 centimetres and 150 kilos, making the machine much more stable. Another special feature is that we offer adapters based on the original components of market leaders OilQuick and Steelwrist. We will be happy to tell you more about it at Bauma, where we will be present with a large team of people!'

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