ROTAR winner of the Innovation - Tools and attachements Award!!!!

Rotar is proud to announce that we are the winner of the Innovation Award - Tools & Attachments!!!

Winners are judged by excellence and best experience in the demolition industry and are chosen by an international judging panel of leading industry experts. To win such a prestigious award is a fantastic achievement and we are very honoured.

We entered the competition with our new RCC 45 Concrete Cutter.

The RCC45 Concrete Cutter is designed for primary demolition. Built for heavy industrial demolition, it will be used for larger demolition contracts involving reinforced concrete such as bridges, parking garages etc. The RCC has a huge jaw opening and a tremendous cutting power. It is ideal when a client just wants to cut concrete down before it is moved onto other stages of demolition, for example, to be pulverized or taken away to be crushed elsewhere.

The RCC comes with RAMPLIFIER 2.0. Using new market leading technology this gives double the power and sits at the top of the market.

RAMPLIFIER 2.0 is installed on the RCC offering a higher force of cutting power – in a split second it doubles the input pressure to a maximum of 700 bar.
RAMPLIFIER 2.0 has been developed following input and discussions with our customers and dealers to ensure we are offering them the best product to meet their needs.

OilQuick Fully Integrated Adapter

Rotar’s Engineering team have launched a Fully Integrated Quickcoupler Adapter OQ90 with the RCC45. OQ90 is suitable for 40-70 ton excavators.
This innovation is OEM manufactured using the original components in close collaboration between the engineers of both parties – in this case, OilQuick Germany. Any additional work and time to install the adapter plate and hose connections are eliminated, saving time and service costs.

We would like to thank everyone who made this possible!!

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