Demolition RYE DEMOLITION take delivery of their first Rotar Attachments

“Worsley Plant is pleased to have been able to supply the two attachments to Simon, Ashley and the team at RYE.” Commented Matt Giddings, Worsley Plant’s Area Sales Manager.

Rotar International B.V.

Delivery of Rotar Attachments

Both attachments are manufactured by Dutch attachment manufacturers Rotar and have arrived on the fleet following glowing recommendations from the demolition community. “We talk to our competitors on a regular basis and the feedback on the Rotar kit has been very good.” Ashley Barlow comments “Not only has the demolition industry given good comments on the product, but they have also praised the service and back up received from the Worsley team.”

Rotar International B.V.

At work

The Rotar tools have been put to work at the company’s Alperton project where they are being used to demolish a large reinforced concrete office block and are mounted designed to work on the company’s 30 tonne Caterpillar excavators. Regular operator Anthony Kane has been using both attachments since they arrived and says that both the shear and pulveriser have been performing very well and have impressed him with their build quality and operating speed. The RDP 25S boasts a class leading cycle time of 2.2 seconds to open and 2.4 seconds to close with a cutting force of 107 tonnes. The RSS 20 also leads the field with a piercing force of 168 tonnes at its tip and over 813 tonnes of cutting force in the throat. 

We’ve noticed the speed that both tools open and close is slightly quicker than other similar sized attachments in our fleet which is a big bonus.

Joining a wide and varied fleet of attachments designed for excavators up to 50 tonnes, the two Rotar models, an RSS 20 scrap shear and RDP 25S concrete processor have impressed the operators in their short time on the fleet.

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