What makes Rotar unique

Rotar is a manufacturer, which means that we are responsible for the development and production of our machine equipment ourselves. That is the only way to guarantee the well-known efficiency, quality and productivity of Rotar equipment. Our employees treat your Rotar equipment as if it were their own.

'To be innovative' is Rotar's most important core value. Our craftsmen always aim to develop the best machine equipment. That is why we are in constant communication with our customers and dealers, and we often develop products based on their experiences, suggestions and ideas. Once your equipment piece leaves the Rotar Factory, it bears our name. A name that represents a product with unique performance, produced by a unique team. Uniquely for you.


From A to Z

Engineering, production, service and advice; at Rotar we handle all of these processes ourselves. That makes us versatile, but also accessible. Our employees have short lines to their co-workers and are comfortable switching from a production issue to a consultation meeting. Throughout the years, we have grown to become a full service supplier for the demolition and recycling market.


Continuously innovating

At Rotar we always wants to go that extra mile. Develop even better products that make time-consuming or complex jobs just that much easier. The drive to innovate started when founder Hendrick Pleysier developed his very first screening drum and it is because of that same drive that the noted Rotar products are constantly being improved. During the development stage of the products, all unnecessary components are avoided, if at all possible. This results in decreased risk, fewer malfunctions and fewer defects. Because we believe that this too is an essential part of innovation.


Always more efficient

Rotar is a true leader in manufacturing efficient machine equipment. Our primary objective? To reduce the user's operational costs. That is why we are always looking for new ways to reduce the resistance and heat transfer in the hydraulic systems of our equipment to a minimum. This allows us to lower the necessary oil pressure and volumes, meaning that the diesel engine on the carrying machine will consume less fuel, which also significantly decreases the CO2 emissions. This development contributes to more profitable results of your demolition or recycling projects, and to a better environment as well. We see this as a business advantage for our customers, and part of Rotar's social responsibility.


Close-knit team

Rotar is a close-knit team where youthful enthusiasm is complemented by many years of experience. We believe your problem to be our problem and your success to be our success. That is why we all have a strong drive to prove ourselves. Whether it’s about implementing improvements in production or offering expert advice; our highly committed team will always go that extra mile for you.


We would like to get to know you better

Before we help you obtain a more efficient operation between man and machine, we will want to get to know you better. So please do not hesitate to contact us for a personal meeting.

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