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Are you ready to get the red crush?

January 8th 2016 - At this years most important construction equipment event, Rotar will make a presence to be remembered.

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Happy Holidays from the Rotar Team

December 25th 2015 - While you were demolishing, we were building. Building on Rotar. And that yielded quite a few beautiful success stories. For our company, but most especially for you.

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Rotar opens North American division

November 3rd 2015 - We are pleased to announce to take a giant leap forward by opening our North American division this November.

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We are shortlisted for the 2015 World Demolition Awards!

September 28th 2015 - Excited to announce we are shortlisted for the Manufacturers' Innovation Award – Tools & Attachments at the World Demolition Awards!

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Job report | American airbase in Germany crumbles under the power of the Rotar demolition shear

September 23rd 2015 - Many Rotar demolition shears of the RDC-series are used on the former American military airbase in Lahr, Germany. Demolition company Rino Bau- & Transport GmbH & Co. KG from Renchen is in charge of dismantling the military buildings.

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Job report | Rotar scrap shear shows what it’s made of during industrial demolitions in Germany

May 26th 2015 - During demolition of the old clay processing facility of the MTG Mittelhessische Tonbergbau GmbH company in the German town of Gießen, demolition company Weimer GmbH from Lahnau used the Rotar scrap shear for the first time.

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