Happy Holidays from the Rotar Team

While you were demolishing, we were building. Building on Rotar. And that yielded quite a few beautiful success stories. For our company, but most especially for you.

This year, our continuous urge for product improvement was once more our number one priority. Our philosophy? To push back fuel usage as much as possible. We have been implementing that philosophy with dozens of machines over the past year. This led to spectacular results that can greatly reduce the operational costs. But that was just the tip of the iceberg…

We have opened a branch in the United States, extended our dealer’s network (e.g. to Australia) and we were nominated for the World Demolition Awards. Furthermore, we are especially proud of Rotar’s television debut on Discovery Channel, where the viewers of the show ‘How Do They Do It’ were treated with a behind-the-scenes look of Rotar.

In short: we look back on a wonderful year, filled with wonderful experiences and significant achievements. However, we could never have done this without you and that's why we would like to thank you for your trust and collaboration this year.

The entire team of Rotar would like to wish you happy holidays and the very best of luck in 2016!

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