“An absolutely right decision”

Rotar RDP 20 S concrete pulverizer proves itself as a true recycling professional

Waste into money

Astka Bauunternehmen GmbH needed a reliable attachment to process demolition debris into valuable materials. In this process of turning waste into money, the Rotar RDP 20 S pulverizer was the perfect attachment for ASTKA’s Liebherr R920 crawler excavator. Rotar dealer Kurt König delivered the pulverizer.

Comprehensive advantages

Mr. Frank Wilke – Managing Partner at Astka – ordered the 2100kg pulverizer immediatly as he was convinced about the comprehensive advantages and features of the RDP 20 S.Mr. Wilke made a clear statement:

“An absolutly right decision. The pulverizer has very short cycle times and a extremly strong construction. The two, high torque, hydraulic motors and the strong slewing ring are a durable feature of the RDP 20 S. The easy operating of the pulverizer is a key feature that our operators really like. They love to work with this attachment.”

The Rotar RDP 20 S has a operating weight of 2100kg and a jaw opening of 845mm suitable for excavators between 15-25 ton. It combines incredible cutting power with easy replaceable wear parts and fast cycletimes.

800 tonnes

By applying the RDP 20 S the 8 week project was finished on time. The fast moving jaws crushed 800 tonnes of partly armoured material per day. The processed material is used to backfill local roads and for backfilling special roads for fire-fighting teams. Astka Bauunternehmen GmbH was so satisfied witht the pulverizers performance, that the company hired a second RDP 20 S from the Kurt König Rentalpark.

Non-stop smile

Astka’s excavator operator Mr. Marian Nitsche praised the very easy to change teeth modules. “They save tremendous time at the construction site.” The teeth can be rotated 180 degrees, crush the concrete with ease and protect the pulverizer from wearing. “It also saves time and money as we don’t have to rebuild worn off steel.” The fast cycle times put a non-stop smile on Mr. Nitsche’s face.

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